Written Procedures

Each Norovirus Kit contains clear instructions for your employees to follow.

When a contamination event occurs, every second counts.  In order to properly respond to these events, your employees need easy to follow directions laid out step-by-step with clear images.    Each of our Norovirus Kits comes with high quality, glossy and waterproof instructions to guide your team members on the proper procedures they should follow.  Our water-resistant instructions will not get soiled or destroyed in the event of contact with body fluids.

Our comprehensive instructions carefully guide your team members through the three important phases of clean up:  (1) preparing to respond to the event, (2) disinfecting and cleaning the area and (3) completion and disposal. Each of the 21 images provides a clear picture of proper actions and has a written instruction for your employees to follow.  We would be delighted to work with members of your food safety teams to brand or customize the instructions for your organization.


Comprehensive instructions for effective response:

  • guidance for preparing, disinfecting and disposing the contaminated area and all materials
  • detailed photo of each item in the Norovirus kit and image of its proper use
  • instructions for the proper use of protective personal equipment like face mask, gloves and gown
  • step-by-step instructions for applying disinfectant, solidifier and other critical response tools
  • directions for collecting the waste and properly cleaning the area
  • proper steps for removal of personal protective equipment for employees
  • complete guidance for your team members