Our Food Safety Norovirus Kits contain a complete set of items needed by first responders.

A fully equipped spill kit is one of the most important tools for your team members in the event of a contamination event.  The kit needs to be available and fully stocked in order for your team members to properly disinfect a contaminated area.  Store the kit in an easily accessible area and make sure your first responders are aware of its location and are properly trained.

$29.50 includes one, single-use complete clean up kit with 23 items.

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Contact us if you need more than a few vomit kits. Norovirus Vomit Clean Up Kits are packaged and shipped 16 kits per case.   Contact us at or 1-800-270-0153 to learn more or request a sample.

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The Norovirus Kit is different from other clean up kits:  Our premium kits contain the same absorbent powder used by hospitals for up to 3 liters of fluid absorption, a full 8 oz bottle of PURELL® Foodservice Sanitizer,  glossy/water resistant instructions with pictures, a complete set of protective body wear, a sturdy handheld scoop and scraper.

Norovirus Kit Components:

  • EPA-registered bottle of disinfectant —  rated to kill Norovirus in as little as 30 seconds
  • a 3.5 ounce bag of super absorbent solidifier blend with deodorizer which completely gels up to three liters of bodily fluids including vomit, blood, urine and fecal matter
  • disposable personal protective gear for your team members including face mask, latex free gloves, full body grown, hair net and waterproof shoe covers
  • handheld scoop and scraper
  • three large absorbent towels for clean up (17″ x 20″)
  • two black trash/waste collection bags with ties (12-16 gallon, 34″ x 25″)
  • a full set of glossy (waterproof) bilingual instructions with images.  Includes a full set of written procedures as required by state and local governments.
  • We can partner with your food safety team to customize the composition of the Norovirus kits.  We can also brand the kits and/or the instructions for your company.
  • We can include any additional items you require to make the Norovirus Kit fit your needs.
  • Norovirus kits are packaged and shipped 16 kits per case.
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