Fully-Stocked, Single-Use
Body Fluid Spill Kits for $29.50

Food Safety vomit and diarrhea cleanup kits with PURELL® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer. Our absorbent blend eliminates odors and leaves surfaces dry. Safe for food surfaces and kills Norovirus in 30 seconds. Helps reduce the risk of norovirus outbreaks.
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Prevent Outbreaks
at restaurants, schools & more.

Our high quality components will help your organization to prevent outbreaks of contagious diseases when unplanned events occur. Equip your front line employees with our portable, single-use body fluid spill kits.
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Solidify Fluids
Gels vomit & other body fluids for disposal

Quickly eliminate orders and solidify up to 3 liters of infectious body fluids with Absorb! solidifier. Each Norovirus Kit contains the same absorbent powder used by hospitals and surgery centers to solidify vomit, blood and other fluids.
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Compliance with Food Code and OSHA rules
made easy.

Satisfy the federal, state and local requirements for employee protection, reduced exposure and written procedures for responding to vomit and blood accidents in the workplace.
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Fully Stocked Cleanup Kits
That Include All the supplies you need.

All the components needed for a complete and effective clean up of body fluid accidents.
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Norovirus - Website - Full Components

Norovirus Food Safety (Vomit) Clean Up Kits – Meets Food Code Requirements.

Protect your employees, customers and students with our single use, portable Norovirus Kits for cleaning up vomit, diarrhea and other body fluids. We serve schools, restaurants and other food service operators.

$29.50 includes one, single-use complete clean up kit with 23 items.

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Northfield Medical Manufacturing has produced industry leading infection control products for twenty years.  Our norovirus kits contain a full set of components for your effective response to unexpected contamination events involving vomit, fecal matter, blood and more.  Proper protocol is to treat each vomit or fecal event as if norovirus is present.  Our kits contain powerful, EPA registered disinfectants that KILL norovirus and high quality, glossy written instructions with images.  Learn more about Norovirus Clean Up Kits.